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Ten great ways to get started with Arkkeo

We did an informal survey among some of our new Arkkeo users where we posed the question, ‘What are the things you’re putting into your Arkkeo account?’ Here are just a few of the responses that we found quite enlightening (published here with their consent).  We hope they serve as some inspiration for our readers.

  1. Everything related to our recent wedding
    “I Just got married so into Arkkeo went scanned copies of our marriage certificate and my name change papers. I’m now adding our wedding photos, our catering receipt and menu, our guest list, a photo of our invitation, the receipt for my dress, the insurance docs for our rings. I’m sure there will be lots more.”
  2. Backup for my prescription
    “I used the app to take photos of all my different allergy medication prescriptions so I’ll remember the drug, the date when it was prescribed, and the dosage, and the doctor who prescribed it.”
  3. Long overdue organizing of the kids’ health reports and birth document
    “Last year our son had minor surgery and I used the app to take photos of his different doctor reports and test result papers. I’m also starting to use Arkkeo to store copies of the all the kids’ birth records and the reports from their annual health checks. They’re all under 4 so I figured I should start now.”
  4. Organizing my business expenses, receipts and invoices
    “I just started using the app to shoot photos of all my business receipts. Btw, Arkkeo, thanks for the suggestion.”
  5. Archiving all the documents needed by the tax man
    “As soon as I opened my Arkkeo account I immediately uploaded the digital copies of my tax returns for the past few years and all the accompanying documentation.”
  6. Storing all my important address/phone numbers/friends’ birthdays and kids’ birthdays plus all my various user names, passwords, account numbers
  7. Backup for documents needed when traveling
    “It was a no brainer.  Into Arkkeo went copies of my travel insurance card, my frequent flyer and hotel loyalty cards, my driver’s license and my Hertz Gold card.”
  8. All things related to my obsessive cycling hobby
    “It’s kind of a work-in-progress at the moment but I’m going start with all the paperwork for my bikes (bike specs from the manufacturers, receipts, warranty info, insurance docs), results from the fitness tests that I get every six months, photos and travel itineraries from some of my epic rides, contact info for my racing club.”
  9. Kitchen renovation paperwork
    “I’m just starting to use it for the receipts we’re collecting from our regular visits to Home Depot, the digital floor plan and renderings, contractor estimates, the lists of materials and suppliers.”
  10. Car and boat registration, insurance and maintenance records
    “The basic stuff you need to keep record of.”

Of course, as expected we did get some responses saying that they’ve not put anything into their accounts yet but we hope that this will be just the motivation they need.

Finnish company Arkkeo brings us closer to a world with receipt-free wallets and homes without filing cabinets.

Helsinki, 20 November 2012 – Two years ago, the Finnish company Arkkeo was founded to make it easier for individuals to organize and manage all their important personal and family documents from a single, secure online location. Today Arkkeo officially opens its doors at

“We established Arkkeo because individuals continually struggle to manage all the paper documents they receive from the companies and service providers they do business with.  We started wondering why all this paper was necessary and why documents couldn’t be transferred and stored electronically when nowadays it is possible to manage nearly everything else online. We thought about the solution in terms of developing a service, and we came to the conclusion that it would be to everyone’s benefit to do something about it.” says Arkkeo’s Founder and CEO, Tuomas Kohila.

Arkkeo enables its users to securely archive all the important documents from everyday life, such as purchase receipts, insurance documents, health documents, travel tickets and auto service documents. Using Arkkeo is easy and it’s free to get started.  Individuals can register for the service, either on their own initiative or by responding to an invitation from a company who is an Arkkeo partner. Documents are transferred to an individual’s Arkkeo account automatically and securely by Arkkeo partner companies, or by using Arkkeo’s smartphone app an individual can take photos of existing paper documents and they will be uploaded directly to their account. And it is equally easy for Arkkeo’s business partners: the system links seamlessly to modern cashier systems and consumer document management systems so that receipts and other documents are deposited automatically and securely to users’ Arkkeo accounts.

Inside the Arkkeo service, individuals can categorize and archive their documents in a logical manner. The service is located in the Cloud, so documents are available whenever they are needed from wherever an individual happens to be. For example, if a personal health document is needed while an individual is on a vacation, it is just an Internet connection away. And you never have to worry about the safety of your documents because Arkkeo uses bank-level security to protect all of your important information.

“We currently live in an interesting time of great change on our journey towards a paperless society. Such a big change is often easier to observe afterwards. It’s easy now to see what big changes have been made in the world of banking or entertainment when we remember how different the world was when we still used bank books, check books and VHS cassettes.” explains Kohila.

“In five years we will probably be amazed by the amount of time we used to spend finding and managing paper-based documents.” Kohila predicts.

Kohila has had a long and successful career in the Finnish technology industry. In 2007, he was elected Software Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland. Kohila holds a Master of Engineering degree.

A number of companies have already joined the Arkkeo service as partners including healthcare firms and service providers. Arkkeo currently employs just under ten people and aims at internationalizing the service next year.

Arkkeo is now open for private beta users

We are offering an exclusive opportunity for early users to try the service free of charge before our doors are officially open.

During this beta period, we will be adding new features and functionality all of the time, utilizing the feedback from our beta users to make our service even better. Things may change a little from day to day, but there is one thing that will always be certain: the security and privacy of all documents is at the maximum security level from day one.

Would you like to participate as a private beta user? Please sign up on our website.

The Arkkeo Team

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