Arkkeo - Tuomas Kohila

Since 2014 Arkkeo has been the go-to service for automatically storing and archiving all the documents you receive from the businesses and service providers that you deal with. Our service has grown rapidly to more than 120,000 users.

Arkkeo’s goal from day one has been to make everyone’s life more organized. However, we all know our relationships with businesses are much more than just paper and documents. Sometimes we browse to find great deals while other times we just need to get a piece of information or advice. Occasionally we feel that it is important to give feedback or we need to access our own data such an electronic ticket or voucher.

Personally I run into situations almost weekly where I’m required to make an extra effort to become a better customer. It means that I have to work harder and spend more time to get the benefits that I deserve as a loyal customer. Once I was asked to drive 45 minutes back to a customer service desk just to get a copy of a proof of purchase. That isn’t right, nor is it beneficial to the vendor. Customers should always be on the top of food chain when it comes to business. I feel that a customer’s obligation ends at paying for the product and the rest of the interaction should be made so evident and easy that none of us have to think about how to get serviced.

Arkkeo’s new app organizes all your loyalty programs

With this vision in mind, we will soon launch a brand new Arkkeo mobile app. The new and improved Arkkeo will not only organize your all favorite brands, accounts and loyalty programs into a single application, but it will also give you instant access and control to maximize your loyalty benefits wherever you are. With Arkkeo, you’ll have all your favorite loyalty memberships/programs and brands with you at all times. Making a purchase, asking a question, finding data or using your mobile loyalty card, to mention few, is just one click away with Arkkeo. No need to jump between different apps (that you hardly ever use) or spend time looking for answers you should already have.

At launch Arkkeo will have more than 60 well-known brands available from which you can pick your favorites. You can also suggest new vendors if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our current brand list. All you need is a smart phone and loyalty membership/program credentials.

We will continue to develop Arkkeo to provide you with an app that truly gives you the benefits you deserve and makes interaction with your favorite businesses easy and convenient. We would love to see a world where our phones are not smothered by branded apps, where we don’t need to carry plastic loyalty membership cards or paper coupons to gain benefits and spend excess time searching for information that we should have available at all times. We shouldn’t miss any great deals that we deserve as great customers.

Stay tuned, our new app will be released soon!


Tuomas Kohila