Arkkeo launches personal email addresses – a new and secure way of sending documents directly from your email inbox to your personal Arkkeo account.

Everyone gets many important documents delivered by email, but is your inbox really the best place to store documents, let alone keep track of them?

The problem is that most email clients are not designed for storing documents, so it becomes a hassle to place and organize all those email attachments somewhere. Most of us do nothing and the documents end up sitting in our email accounts until the end of time, filling up our inboxes.

What you ultimately end up with is a sluggish email account that is full of unnecessary messages and space-wasting attachments. Plus finding that one specific document from your inbox is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sound familiar?

Arkkeo to the rescue!

Instead of clogging up your inbox with all those attachments, you can now forward them directly to your Arkkeo account using your personal Arkkeo email address.

How does it work?

As soon as you receive an important document to your email inbox, simply forward it to your personal Arkkeo address and the attachment gets placed automatically in your Arkkeo account where you know it will be safe and easily found when needed.

Organize your attachments on the fly

You can save time and effort by organizing your attachment prior to forwarding it to your Arkkeo account. This can be done easily by editing the email subject line. Use ‘@’ to rename your attachment and ‘#’ to add tags. Example subject line:

@Hotel receipt #spain #holiday

Get started

Sign up now and find out how you can get the most out of this new feature! If you already have an Arkkeo account, log in and visit your profile to get your personal Arkkeo email address.