Finland’s leading property management company, Kiinteistötahkola and Arkkeo, an innovator in secure digital document delivery and archiving, today announce a relationship that will enable Kiinteistötahkola to reduce costs by almost 200,000 € annually, while saving its house managers more than 6,000 hours in administrative time and making a positive contribution to the environment in the process.

Kiinteistötahkola manages 1,400 buildings that serve 40,000 homeowners in Finland. Each year Kiinteistötahkola sends out important information to its homeowners resulting in approximately 350,000 paper mailings at quite a significant annual cost to the company.

“With Arkkeo, Kiinteistötahkola can move to away from traditional paper mailings to a more efficient, completely secure electronic form of communication. Important information will be delivered to our homeowners faster and more efficiently than by regular mail and in a more secure and reliable form than email.  And of course reducing paper production is better for nature.” says Seppo Tahkola, CEO Kiinteistötahkola.

Kiinteistötahkola homeowners receive a free personal online account with Arkkeo where all communications will be automatically delivered.  From this account they can view their documents, securely share documents with family members, and maintain a long-term archive.

Additionally, since this personal Arkkeo account is owned by each individual, it serves as an excellent place for archiving and managing a variety of important documents and records that individuals want to save securely in digital form.

Tuomas Kohila, Arkkeo’s Founder and CEO comments, “Arkkeo is a win/win  for companies and individuals alike.  For companies the cost savings that can be achieved by getting rid of paper are quite dramatic.  And of course for individuals the ability to have documents automatically deposited into a secure online archive is kind of like having a personal assistant that does the filing for you.”

About Arkkeo:  Arkkeo, the online bank for life’s important documents, was founded in 2010 by a team of people who are committed to helping individuals around the world win the battle over paper clutter, document disorganization and the stress that it brings. By providing individuals with an online account where documents can be archived with bank-level security, and by enabling companies to deposit an individual’s personal documents directly and automatically into this account, Arkkeo reduces the headache and hassle of document management and simplifies life in the process. No more paper clutter.  No more lost documents. No more folders, filing cabinets and boxes to take up space in your home.  Arkkeo is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and is a privately held company.

About Kiinteistötahkola:  Kiinteistötahkola is one of Finland’s leading real estate managers. The company is family-owned with over 36 years of experience in the Finnish real estate market.  Kiinteistötahkola’s team consists of over 120 professionals located in Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Tampere, Oulu, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi.