It’s hard to believe that it is already July and if you are like us you’re ready to kick back on a sunny beach somewhere with a tall, cool drink in hand. But before hitting the road (or the air) here are a few pre-travel tips that can help save hassle and headache should unfortunate circumstances hit while you are away from home.

1. Digitally store copies of your important travel documents

Travel itinerary, hotel, car and fight details plus receipts

  • Most of us receive these documents by email and then print them out and bring them with us. However, paper copies can easily get lost or damaged so it’s also advised to keep an extra digital copy in a safe spot such as your Arkkeo account where they can be easily accessed by you in the case of an emergency.
  • Additionally, if you book with Travelocity, Priceline, any of the Hilton family of brands, and/or Klaus K Hotel and VR in Finland, you can get your travel documents automatically to your Arkkeo account, saving the extra step of storing them yourself.  Simply go to the Company section in your Arkkeo account; find the companies you will use for your travels; SafeConnect; and then the documents will be deposited into your account.


  • If you are lucky enough to be traveling out of the country this summer then be sure to have a good clean, legible copy your passport saved in Arkkeo. And if you’ve got any family members traveling with you then be sure to save theirs as well.
  • If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where your passport is lost or stolen then both the process of filing a report with the police, and getting a replacement at your country’s consulate, will be easier and faster if you have record of your original document. Another piece of advice is to have a copy of your husband’s/wife’s passport and other personal information on file in Arkkeo such as their social security card + birthplace and year – even if they are not traveling with you. If you need to get a new passport for a child under 16 then you will need to supply information for both yourself and the child’s other parent.

Record of your travel insurance

  • Travel insurance is one of those ‘must haves’ when heading off on holiday, especially when going abroad. So you should make sure to have of your travel insurance card (or copy of it) with you and take a minute to get a back up copy (front and back) into Arkkeo in the case of emergency. Your insurance company, policy number, and emergency contact information can all be found on this card.

Driver’s license and other identification

  • It’s also good to have additional forms of identification archived such as a clean photo or scan of your driver’s license, your birth certificate and your social security card so that you have access to the information in these documents should it be needed.

2.  Store a copy of your credit cards and any loyalty cards you might use while traveling (front and back)

Have a look at the contents of your wallet. Remove any unnecessary cards. Take a photo of the front and back of the credit cards and loyalty cards that will be coming with you and upload them to your Arkkeo account. If your wallet gets lost or stolen, you will need all the information on the cards including the customer service phone numbers that are typically in small print on the back.

3.  Make sure your devices have been backed up and you’ve got a list of your most used contacts in a safe place

It’s always a good practice back up your mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc) regularly in order to protect all your data but this is especially important before you travel. Nothing can derail the perfect holiday faster than a lost or damaged device but if you’ve got your data backed up and a digital copy of your phone contact list is accessible to you then you’ve saved yourself huge hassle. If your devices auto sync and backup, it’s good to double check that this is turned on. If you are not sure then check with your device manufacturer well in advance of your travels.

4.  Share with your spouse and one person that is not traveling

You definitely want to make sure that you’ve got important information related to your travels shared with at least one person who is not traveling with you.  This includes your itinerary plus your important personal information as listed in 1-3 above.  Arkkeo makes it easy to safely and privately share this information with a friend or family member.  Just make sure you’ve placed all the documentation into your Arkkeo account; click on the items you want to share; and then click ‘share’ in the menu bar and enter the email address of the person you’d like to share with.  A SafeConnection will be created with this person and you can share documents with maximum security from your account.

Well, we hope that you’ve found the tips useful and we wish you happy travels this summer. Bon voyage from the Arkkeo Team.