A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a post in the New York Times’ Green blog related to the chemical compound BPA (bisphenol-A) and its use in the production of those little paper receipts that we are handed every day. Its headline ‘Check your receipt: It may be tainted‘ naturally caught my eye since I’m not a fan of paper receipts anyhow, but to know that they are filled with harmful toxins really pushed me over the edge.  

So I started doing a scan of all the companies that today are offering digital receipts and it was nice to see that more and more retailers are moving in this direction and the list had grown significantly in the last 6 months. As a matter of fact, digital receipts have been dubbed ‘the latest trend in retail’ by ABC Action News in the US, among other major news media.

But ‘hello retailers’, while I want my receipts in digital form, I don’t necessarily want them cluttering up my email box. It was great when the first digital receipt from Apple appeared in my inbox back in 2005 but yikes, I get so much email everyday that digital receipts are doomed to get lost in my email, just as those little pieces of paper get lost when they enter my home.

The solution? Well, I think that Arkkeo has the right vision.  Instead of sending receipts into my email box, or making me hunt for them from a company extranet, Arkkeo enables companies to deliver them right into my personal Arkkeo account. They come instantly, automatically and I don’t need to download anything or file anything. It’s like having a personal assistant on staff all the time.

So, thank you retailers for innovating and moving in the digital direction. And thank you for offering me an option to being handed the toxic little piece of paper – you will get my business every time over the company that does not offer digital receipts. But I will take my receipt in Arkkeo please.