Specialized medical care provider, Nordic Clinic and Arkkeo, the online bank for archiving and managing important personal documents, today announce a partnership that will enable Nordic Clinic’s clients to have a secure and personal digital archive of all the documents related to their diagnoses and care by Nordic Clinic’s physicians and specialist partners – making this a first for healthcare services and patient experience management in Finland, and putting Nordic Clinic and Arkkeo at the forefront of a growing global consumer demand.

Arkkeo enables Nordic Clinic to securely deposit the records of an individual’s diagnosis, treatment recommendations, procedures, imaging and follow-up care directly into the individual’s private Arkkeo account – securely archived and organized for the patient. Once the documents are in the account, the individual has access to them whenever and wherever needed.  They can also ‘tag’ the documents with keywords to give an additional description to each item making the process of finding specific documents quick and easy when they need to be referenced.

Tero Silvola, Nordic Clinic’s Managing director and co-founder comments, “Our experience across Finland, and the Nordic region as a whole, shows that patients increasingly want possession and control over their official health documents. To be able to give a patient secure and private ownership of their entire care history including diagnostics, imaging, etc. is a clear advancement in the patient service experience and is a significant benefit for our clients who might travel far distances to get access to the country’s exceptional doctors and care facilities.”

“In today’s digital age, many individuals prefer to keep their personal and family documents archived in digital form however the process of actually obtaining digital documents from the companies and services providers you deal with has been difficult, if not impossible in some cases.  Arkkeo was founded on the principle that it was time to change all that, so we developed a way to enable companies and service providers, like Nordic Clinic, to securely and automatically transfer digital files to an individual, and have them placed into a private account. Not only does this have the potential to save companies money in terms of both paper document production and retention but it also enables companies to provided a significant customer service element.” says Tuomas Kohila, Arkkeo’s Founder and CEO.

About Arkkeo:  Arkkeo, the online bank for life’s important documents, was founded in 2010 by a team of people who are passionate about helping individuals around the world win the battle over paper clutter, document disorganization and the stress that it brings. By providing individuals with an online account where documents can be archived with bank-level security, and by enabling companies to deposit an individual’s personal documents directly and automatically into this account, Arkkeo reduces the headache and hassle of document management and simplifies life in the process. No more paper clutter. No more lost documents. No more folders, filing cabinets and boxes to take up space in your home. Arkkeo is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and is a privately held company.

About Nordic Clinic:  Nordic Clinic is a finnish medical service provider. The company provides its clients with all-inclusive specialised medical care services in Finland and the Nordic Countries. Nordic Clinic only works with carefully selected leading service suppliers in the private and public sectors. Nordic Clinic’s service range includes specialised medical care, care on the ward, consultations, health care hotel and travel agent services, which are offered through its network of quality-certified partners.