Whether you bought some big ticket items this holiday or plan to hit the post holiday sales, you’ll likely find yourself with some purchase receipts that need to be saved and easily found in the future. But, if you are like many, these receipts will be virtually impossible to find at that very moment when you need them the most – like when that fancy new home printer just won’t print or when you can’t put the little one’s new bike together because it’s missing a few critical pieces.

Well, thanks to Arkkeo you can now avoid the hassle and headache of lost and misplaced receipts. It’s easy. Just follow these 4-simple steps:

  1. Gather the receipts for all your big holiday purchases (while you still know where they are)
  2. Visit arkkeo.com to get your free account.  It takes just seconds to register.
  3. Download the Arkkeo Photo+ smartphone app (for iOS or Android devices)
  4. Take photos of your receipts using the Photo+ app and they’ll be automatically uploaded to your Arkkeo account – instantly organized and forever archived.

If you don’t have an Android or iOS smartphone you can of course scan the receipts or take regular digital photos and upload them to Arkkeo from your computer.